Client Support

We have a dedicated Support Team who will guarantee a quick turn around on your call. Our technical division offers web & email services, hardware services, system backup and system recovery support.

Software updates are regularly sent out to ensure all systems operate with the latest industry and technology modifications. Realtime also provides user manuals for various software.

Hotlines Support

Our Hotline is avaliable from 8:30am (EST) to 5:00pm (WST) from Monday to Friday.

Head Office (Perth)

phone: (61 8) 9263 3800
fax: (61 8) 9263 3899

Sydney Office

phone: (61 2) 9409 3700
fax: (61 2) 9409 3799

Online Support

For current customers, click the link below to access the Realtime Computing Helpdesk.



A customer facing front-end system to record comprehensive customer information, calculate finance quotes, facilitate credit and risk assessment, generate contract and other documents...

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A highly functional and robust back-end system that is capable of accounting for all types of finance products, all types of repayment structures, fixed and floating interest rates and many alternative methods...

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